Sunday, January 1, 2012


HEY THERE ! lets get started shall we !
So there i was had just left my job at Macy's applying to some places right away i didn't want to just be a bum and not have a job so after applying to multiple places *BOOM a light bulb in my head lit up OMG why haven't i applied at hooters, Ive been dreaming of working at hooters forever seriously i even went beyond the normal and went in to buying a shirt and posting the picture all over face book/twitter i know not cute (groupie) lol. My mind was so set so set on applying for months & months i just never had the courage to actually walk in and apply i was scared,nervous, and didn't know if i would ever be hired. So after days of thinking about it and reading countless blogs,yahoo answers and everything on the net talking about what its like to work at hooters and how to apply i made it a priority to go apply i had to suck it up i mean after all i would never get hired if i never applied right, so there i was all morning curling my hair, trying to do my makeup the best i could, smell the best i could, changed out my outfit about a good 10 times lol i mean after all the girls working at hooters were beautiful i had to impress them and show them i belong at hooters. So there i go with my friend to a hooters nearby, nervous shaking, feeling the need to throw up but i was determined to get that job that day. After a 20 minute drive we get there UH OH what am i doing omg I'm really here ! i thought to myself there was no turning back i was already here i had spent so much time getting ready and reading so many blog entries i had to at least give it a try, so my friend and i walk in at about 2 o'clock as soon as the door opened it seemed like the whole places turned around to look at us, i could feel my face getting so red, we stood there for about 5 minutes before anybody came over to us finally one of the girls came over asking if we needed anything uhmm Yes i replied i would like to get a uhm uhm uhm application she looked at me from head to toe (lol) oh geez i thought is she the manager, do i look to made up whats going on, it took her a minute to finally snap out and go get me an application still standing by the door a couple minutes later more hooters girl come out from the back to take a look at me and then i see a manager ! he came over and introduced himself handed me the application and asked me to sit down and fill it out okay i thought it wasn't as bad as i thought, filling out the application seemed like it took me forever and every time my friend or i would look up the customers or the hooters girl were either staring at us oh great did i not make a good first impression i thought to myself, the manager took the application and as soon as he did he wanted to interview me right away..ohhhh my okay i told him we went to a nearby table he asked me about 5 questions or so left the table came back and OMG i was HIRED .
what ! did i really just hear him tell me i was hired i couldn't believe it i had completely sucked at he interview i let my nerves get he best of me i was excited,happy,nervous,confused all these emotions running through my head he finally asked me to get my liquor license and give him a call back after doing so, i left hooters with a big smile on my face called my mom to tell her and proceeded to text about a dozen people to let them know lol.